We believe in the POWER of the PEN
We believe in the POWER of the PEN
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With gratitude I thank you

2022 grateful gratitude

Celebrating 2022 with my family and friends pulls me into a posture of pure gratitude. The last two years have been hard for everyone. I do not know one person that hasn’t been effected in one way or another from 2020 until now. 

I will continue to thank God and stay grateful for the little things that pulled me through. And although much has changed I have faith in a future full of Jesus’s love and I will continue to have grace and mercy for those around me. 

Be kind to yourself, remain prayerful and move about with wisdom. I know we will all make it through this. God is on our side and His plans always prevail. 

Thank you for being so loyal to my brand and for your continued support. Xoxoxo! 

Best regards,


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